Top Nine Accounting Degrees You Can Pursue For a Successful Career

Accounting is a career which is in high demands nowadays. Having a degree in the field of accounting can give your career the boost you need.

If you are planning to pursue a career in the field of accounting, but are confused by the number and options available, here is a guide to help you decide which ten are the best for you:



  • Associate’s Degree in Accounting

Associate’s degree is like a diploma, but you can pursue it before you officially commence your undergraduate program. The list of courses is vast and you can customize everything according to your need.


  • Bachelors of Science (BS) in Business Administration

A Bachelor’s degree in business administration can help you learn about the key fundamentals of accounting and taxation as well as their application in a variety of different organizations. It is considered as a combination of general studies, information processing, law and business management.


  • Bachelors of Science (BS) in Accounting

The core objective of this degree is to offer knowledge and information in the field of accounting so that the graduates can implement it in their auditing, accounting, business finance and taxation related careers on small or medium sized organizations.


  • Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Accounting

This degree is one of the most popular degrees in the field of accounting. It teaches all the fundamentals of accounting ranging from accession and planning to internal and external auditing. If you are looking to move forward in a career of CPA, then this degree is must for you as a minimum qualification.


  • Diploma in Accounting

If you are not interested in pursuing a long-term study, you can always opt for a diploma. There are many schools and colleges that offer a diploma of different time intervals from six months up to a full year to help people learn more about the field of accounting.






  • Masters of Science (MS) in Accounting

Masters of Science in accounting is a degree that can not only expand your career and give a boost to your experience but also provide you a chance to acquire a high salary. This program lets you learn all the practical skills related to accountancy. If you are a student who plans to give a Certified Public Accountancy exam in future, this degree is best for you.


  • Masters of Accountancy

Masters of accountancy builds a strong base for CPAs. It is a specialized program that focuses on bringing different modules from the syllabus of a CPA exam into the limelight.


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting

If you decide to go for an MBA degree with a major in accounting, you can learn how to handle a business from an accountant’s point of view. This program is ideal for students who are either in accounting or even non-accounting students for it allows them to explore the diverse network of this field.


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Professional Accounting

An MBA degree with a major in professional accounting can help a student to learn and apply different methodologies and practical techniques of accounting in a professional and practical manner. This degree focuses more on the background of managerial, auditing and financial accounting.






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