Daily Reading List for CPAs

In order to stay relevant, it is essential to remain updated on current happenings, not just in your industry, but of general news and change in policies and advancements also. But there is so much to read and know out there that it can become very difficult to sieve out the necessary from the irrelevant.

You may not know whether or not Kim Kardashian is adopting a child from Thailand, but you would want to know if she ever gets in trouble for her taxes. But where do you find this information and how much time should you dedicate to it? These are just some of the answers we will cover to make it easier for accountants and CPAs to remain updated on important world affairs:


Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites can be a great source of information if you know where to look. If you follow sports personalities then your information might be limited to football and baseball, but if you follow industry leaders and finance magazines and newspapers then you would definitely stay updated on relevant information. Following are a number of accounting firms and organizations that you should follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook:

  1. Ernst & Young

  2. Grant Thornton

  3. Deloitte

  4. PwC

  5. New York State Society of CPAs

  6. Alabama Society of CPAs

  7. Bill Sheridan

  8. Tom Hood (of the Maryland Association of CPAs

  9. Ron Ledford

  10. AICPAs Journal of Accountancy

  11. Footnoted

  12. CPAnet

  13. Going Concern

  14. CPA Letter Daily

  15. AICPA’s Young CPA Network

Time Investment: Dedicate around 10-15 minutes every morning and evening to sieve through your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feed to see if there are any updates that are worth knowing.


Educational Sites

There is no end to learning, particularly when you have a profession as challenging as accounting. There are a number of websites available that offer great tips, tricks and educational programs for accountants.

Time Investment: Spend at least one hour per week.


The Fraud Blogs

Fraud blogs are both interesting and educational. The Forensic Accounting Blog and The Fraud Files Blog are two very insightful blogs that you should visit for information on forensic accounting and recent scandals and scams in the accounting world. Having such information in your arsenal will not only keep you educated but will also make for great conversation while networking.


Tax News

Tax is a very important subject for companies and their clients, and thus, it is a highly important subject for accountants. It is important that you are well aware of the policies, news and challenges related to tax. There are numerous websites that offer updated information regarding taxes, accounting, small business etc. that offer informational content targeted not only at CPAs but anyone interested in increasing their knowledge.

There are numerous news aggregating apps and websites available like Google News, Feebly, Pulse and News 360 that can make it very easy for you to stay connected without hunting too much or investing too much of your time and energy. People are looking for competent professionals, and education is what will separate you from the crowd.



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